plinky prompts: what are your top five films of all-time?…

my top five all-time favorite films—>

i love all kinds of movies – it’s hard for me to narrow it down to five overall favorites…there are so many different genres; big budget blockbusters, tiny little independents, and crazy art films.

i decided to respond to this prompt in my own way, so here goes:


1.) but i’m a cheerleader
2.) shaun of the dead
3.) saved
4.) the sweetest thing
5.) best in show


1.) vanilla sky
2.) reservoir dogs
3.) the usual suspects
4.) seven
5.) silence of the lambs


1.) frailty
2.) shallow grave
3.) the shining
4.) secret window
5.) the others


1.) rosemary’s baby
2.) session 9
3.) 28 days later
4.) the ring
5.) let the right one in


1.) pecker
2.) fargo
3.) slingblade
4.) kill bill I & II
5.) high art


1.) slumdog millionaire
2.) raise the red lantern
3.) life is beautiful
4.) la vie en rose
5.) amelie


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