the adventures of molly the octopus: fun stories, to octopi your weary mind, before bed 2:5…

when we left molly, last…

what neither knew was, that juniper had been walking along the top edge, of a very long, and steep hill. the duo began to slide down the hill, they began to pick up speed, they went faster, and faster yet. molly was terrified. juniper grabbed her hand, pulled her close, held onto her, and whispered,”relax, and enjoy the ride! i’ve got you. i won’t let anything happen to you…ever.”

molly felt safe nestled, in juniper’s arms…so safe, in fact, that she actually started falling asleep again. she took in a deep breath, and let it out. “kismet,” she thought. that was molly’s last peaceful thought for awhile. all of the sudden, the ride came to an abrupt stop.

the abrupt stop, hurtled molly and juniper, up in the air and across some distance. when they landed, neither knew, that they would be making a big splash, but that’s exactly what they did.

molly and juniper, found themselves in the middle of a beautiful, but wet and stinky pond. juniper freed herself from some reeds, and came splashing to molly’s rescue…only, she couldn’t seem to find her anywhere.

frantic, juniper yelled molly’s name loudly…”MOLLY!!” molly yelled back, with equal frantic, intensity…”HELP ME…HELP ME…HELP ME!!” juniper looked up, and saw molly, being chased by a gander, that meant business.

juniper ran towards molly, the gander was chasing molly, flapping his wings wildly, honking, and nipping at molly’s backside. he was insistent, like she had something that he wanted. molly, wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing, and tripped on a divot, in the grass.

when she fell, face down on the ground, the gander jumped up, on top of her, reached down but, didn’t nip her behind again…but, pulled something from her back pocket. the gander raised the thing up in the air, stood on his tip toes, while stretching his neck, and flapped his wings and honked wildly…as if doing a victory dance, at molly’s expense. when he was done, he gobbled the thing down, and took off running.

juniper, finally arrived to help molly up. molly was none to thrilled, and had a dirty scowl on her face. molly’s voice was very quiet, almost a whisper, when she said,”that was the rest of my very seedy stick, from the baltimore bagel company. i was saving that for later.”

juniper looked at her, took molly’s face, and pulled it close to her own, and whispered,”while you’re in san diego…you can get one, whenever you want.” molly felt shivers down her six arms, and two legs…and didn’t know what to make of it. then, juniper took her other hand, and brushed it alongside molly’s cheek. juniper said,”there you go molly, your face is clean now.”

molly yawned and said,”where are we anyway? i thought that we were going to take a nap?” juniper replied, “we are in balboa park. i brought this tarp, so that we could stretch it out, and nap on it. Now, we can lie out in the sunshine, and be shaded by the palm trees, while we dry our clothes.” molly smiled sleepily, nodded her head in agreement, and yawned again.

the duo found the perfect spot partially in the sun, but also nicely shaded. they spread out the tarp, on even, soft grass. molly took a look around, and noticed that lots of other people were doing the same thing.

juniper laid down on her back, watching the cloud formations, drift across the sky. molly laid her head down on juniper’s tummy and said, “you make a perfect pillow, even if you are soggy.” juniper giggled, which made her tummy jiggle. molly said,”settle down, juniper,” and they both fell asleep.

so, until tomorrow then…


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