this is for all the lonely people (part four)…

i’ve always prided myself on being an astute judge of character. i’ve always been able to read people pretty well. i try my best to examine life from other perspectives, and points of view. i’m only human, and i do the best that i can not to judge others, but often times, i fall short of that mark.

i used to hear about people falling for scams, involving nigerian princes and princesses all of the time. i used to wonder what prompted many to throw caution to the wind, and proceed with risky financial behavior.

i thought that people had to be pretty idiotic to do such things as wire money to africa, hand over a bank account number, and wait for their tidy, promised sum to materialize. i mean come on, seriously?

i always wondered about those people. who were they? what did they look like? were they educated? what was the motivation, behind the act? did these people have extra money to give to strangers, with a hand out? were they more trusting of others, than me?

i’ve had time to think about these questions, over the past few months…and, i have come up with two possible reasons, for interacting with these “scammers.” the thought of a large, lump-sum deposit being made directly into your account, with no work required…might sound mighty good to some…that motivation is greed. the only other motivation, that i could come up with was…loneliness. lonely people craving connection, and conversation…can be easy prey.

well, since i’ve been here, in nevada…i’ve been given a crash course, on “catfish 101.” wendy, jenny, and i have spent some time, since i’ve been here watching the show, “catfish.” i knew that people engaged, in this type of juvenile, hurtful behavior. i just didn’t know how commonplace it had become, since my last dating experience.

it’s no secret, that things have been extremely hard for me, over the course of the last year plus. karma, man…it’s the gift that keeps on giving. if there is anything that i’ve learned, it’s that there is an equal, and opposing consequence, for every choice we make. i’ve made my share of idiotic choices, and extremely bad decisions…i have owned them, and gratefully, been able to make amends, and be forgiven for the most part.

quite honestly, the last thing that i wanted to do, was start dating again. i wasn’t ready in may, and i’m not ready now. how could i date anyone, when my heart is still with another? i guess you could say that my heart just wasn’t in it, when my friend tried to lift my spirits, by posting my profile on several glbtq dating sites.

so okay, i gave it a whirl…fresh off of several weeks of heavy, “catfish” watching. normally, i’m a pretty cautious person, not altogether the most trusting person around, but streetwise and wary. after watching the show, i was absolutely convinced that i was being, “catfished” by each of the “ladies” that contacted me.

my instincts proved right. the first young “woman” was supposedly an intelligence officer, in the usmc, stationed in florida. “emily,” contacted me…she was thirty-six. she turned out to be a forty-three year old, jamaican man…named roscoe. we figured it out, by doing a reverse photo search, on google.

right again. the second “young” woman was unemployed, and claimed to be living in wyoming. “abigail,” contacted me…she was thirty-two. she eventually changed her story, and told me that she was in ghana taking care of her sick mother. my red flags went up, when she asked me for money, for her mother’s chemotherapy. she turned out to be a twenty-seven year old, ghanaian man…named keke. we solved that mystery by utilizing, the reverse photo search, as well.

i will save the rest of my story for tomorrow. don’t miss it…it’s really worth waiting for…surprising, wild, and sounding rather like a tall tale, than a true life story. life is full of ironies, cosmic jokes at our expense, and happy accidents. look for part five tomorrow.


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