plinky prompts: who do i trust with my biggest secrets?…

who do i trust with my biggest secrets?—>

it is very hard for me to trust anyone. i have a very hard time letting people in…all the way. this problem keeps me from getting really close to anyone in my life.

i was brought up in a very closed family. my dad was a very fearful and distrusting man. he raised us to believe that we could trust absolutely no one…that anyone who was nice to us or showed any interest, just wanted something…and once they got “it,” they would turn on us. it was very hard to grow up that way, it made me into a distrustful person, who constantly “tests” people to see who’s “worthy.” i sabotage my relationships, so that i don’t have to get close to someone, only to be turned on when i least expect it.

who do you trust with your biggest secrets? the answer is no one. i don’t trust anyone with my biggest secrets…not even me…that’s why i try not to say or do anything that i wouldn’t want anyone to know about…because i CAN’T keep a secret.


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