pinky prompts: remember the days before you got the internet at home…

remember the days before you got the internet at home —>

here is my time line and blurbs:


when i was growing up in the 1970′s we used a rotary phone located on the kitchen wall. the phone’s cord was about 4 feet long, so you had to stand close to it. there was no such thing as a private conversation. long distance phone calls were both a treat and a rarity. we had just that one phone in our house.

later on, push button phones appeared. my dad wouldn’t let us have one, but my grandma had one. i used to love going over to her apartment. she had two phones, a rotary one in the kitchen (like ours), and a push button one in her bedroom. it was so great, for the very first time, i experienced a private phone call…and, I got to dial on a push button phone. i thought that i was experiencing “cutting edge” technology.

when i was a kid we had one 13″ black and white television set in the family room. that meant that there was no private television watching. you had to watch what ever the consensus of the family wanted to watch. i remember watching the moon landing on that television.

later on, my dad allowed us to upgrade to one 13″ color television set. the set was still in the family room, so, viewing remained the same.

my dad played lp’s (record albums) on his sony turntable. He had a marantz stereo system (which i still have).

technology changed, and the cassette tape became the method of music delivery. my dad got a sony tape deck to add to his stereo system.

i had a hand-held transistor radio. it received am stations only. it had a hard plastic ear piece that i could put in my ear to listen to the padres games. i thought that that was pretty high tech.

later on, i received a clock radio which had both am and fm stations. i used to lay on my bed and listen to casey kasem count down the music hits on american top 40. i thought the clock radio was really high tech, because it could wake me up playing music from my favorite radio station.

my grandma gave me her old manual typewriter. i used it to type letters to my friends and family members.

later on, my mom got an electric typewriter. it was so quick and easy to use. i was so impressed with the fact that you barely hard to touch the keys.

people sent letters back and forth through the mail. as a kid, i wrote and sent letters, thank you notes, invitations, etc. i remember waiting anxiously each day for the mailman to deliver our mail…hoping that there would be a letter for me.


people started to have several phones in their home, instead of just one…all my friends had their own phones (i did not). phones came in all shapes and sizes…including comic characters, such as snoopy. the late 80′s brought about the first cell phones which were oversized and clunky. very few people had these phones. my dad had one for his job, and i got to use it once. i thought that it was so cool, very high tech…i couldn’t imagine anything any better.

my dad sprang for a bigger, 19″ color television set. and, the video cassette player emerged. it took quite a while, but my dad eventually allowed us to have a VHS player. it was just the greatest. we could rent movies from our neighborhood video store…and watch them in our own family room. i could not imagine anything any better.

my dad’s stereo continued to grow and get bigger. i got my first boom box. i used to love to take it with me wherever i went…in the car, outside to play, to my friend’s house. it was so awesome.


i got my very own cordless phone. i could go anywhere in my house, and have a private conversation. i could do anything and talk on the phone at the same time. in 1998, i got my very first cell phone. it was a big clunky kyocera phone…it got very spotty reception.

living on my own, i got my self a huge 23″ color television set. it was an awesome, cutting edge set. it had a sleep timer, and an alarm to wake me up to my favorite television show in the morning.

the dvd player emerged, and i got my first dvd player.

i bought my own super duper rca surround sound stereo.

in 1998, i bought my very first computer. it was a hewlett packard. i thought that it was very high tech, and i couldn’t imagine anything being any better.


i got my first smart phone this year (2012). it is smarter than me…

we now have a 32″ flat screen television.

i have a stereo system, but i don’t use it because all of my music files are digital now, and on the external hard drive. i downloaded my whole music collection, and then sold my cd’s on ebay.

in 2008, i got my very first ipod.

In 2008, i got my very first mac book.


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