july 9, 2016…

today, i am grateful for…

…staying up all night, with a purpose…stimulating discourse, interesting conversation, and kind words. an understanding, between factions…finally, she knows, that i know…and, i know, that she knows, that i know. (i know that, that is quite confusing, but it will be cleared up, in my next…”lonely people,” segment.) all i can say, is that this woman’s mind, and the way that it works, completely blows me away. she is a masterful wizardress, of well-placed words, a keen knowledge, of human behavior…how to hold, and keep an audience…how to avoid direct questions, and take the spotlight off of herself. she has one of my favorite words…chutzpah…

…after a night full of discourse, i watched the brilliant, orange, desert sun…rise, between the buildings. i took photos of it, and myself, as i wondered what it had looked like, everywhere, that i was not…san felipe, baja california, mexico…the la jolla cove…newport, oregon…vancouver, washington…park city, montana…fort collins, colorado…gillette, wyoming…dallas, texas…accra, ghana…queensland, australia…morelia, mexico…

…my beautiful, bubbly, brilliant friend grace. enjoying a wonderful, much needed, uplifting conversation, about our futures, as individuals, and as collaborators. the decision to do oprah and deepak’s, free twenty-one day, meditation course, about getting your life “unstuck,” and “creating a limitless life.” (oprah and deepak’s, free, twenty-one day, meditation course.) we will be embarking on our, “thelma and louise,” roadtrip…stopping to see the exhibition, of “outlander” costumes, in los angeles…and stopping to see the, john paul gautier exhibition, in san francisco…then, on to fort collins, colorado…where we will spend time working on individual projects…grace…on her fashion label om…and me, hopefully beginning the third, “molly,” book in the series. we are going to do a lot of brainstorming, and collaborate, on some creative projects…i look very much forward to it!!…

…wendy’s excellent, healthy, home cooking…tonight she made steak stir fry…delicious!! when she cooks, she takes my diet into consideration, and gets special groceries for me…

i am really missing people that i am no longer, in contact with. i will always believe, in kismet. i am on my own, independent, adventurous, healthy, strong, competent, useful, capable, and full of love.

peace and calm, radiate from me. faith and hope, strengthen my resolve. intuition guides me.



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