happy early birthday to me…

sometimes, life just surprises the hell out of you. like just when you think that something is no longer going to happen for you, you just completely give up, stop thinking about it, and forget…stop wishing, wanting, and waiting.

yesterday, one of those things happened for me. after over a year of wishing, wanting, and waiting…i received a miraculous phone call…from an apartment complex…right on the beach, a three minute walking distance to the seashore…for, an apartment with an ocean view.

mein gott im himmel!! i nearly fell out of my chair. i was so excited, that i couldn’t think straight. my dream apartment, for $200/month, including utilities…where i could have my boxer dog, tentatively named, felix.

i could have the wonder of waking up to, and going to sleep to, the sounds of the crashing waves, the noise of the lighthouse, and the miraculous sunrises, and sunsets.

felix and i, could walk and run along the beach, play frisbee, and feed the seagulls. we could walk into the quirky town, sit on the coffee house deck and people watch, explore the boardwalk and seawall, and go thrifting.

we will see what happens…how it all unfolds…what transpires next, as the law of attraction, continues to bless me with great abundance. i am excited, and in awe. i have an awful lot to be grateful for.

i can only say, that i feel like the last few months, have everything to do with this. i would never have started down the path of diet and exercise, and becoming a “health warrior,” had it not been for, the care, honesty, and guidance of “iowa.”

she gave me the tools and tutelage, to become a better person. i am still a work in progress, but with each step, i get closer to emerging from my cocoon…as a transformed being…lighter, happier, healthier, stronger, wiser, and more confident.

truly, continuing to use tools such as meditation, lucid dreaming, blogging, living in gratitude, and doing my best to maintain being present, as much as possible…i am blessed with abundance.

i only wish that things would have been different. i truly miss, “iowa.” who knows, maybe one day she will happen onto my beach…and if so, hopefully she’ll recognize me, and be able to keep up to me. πŸ‚πŸ’© Β πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘Ή Β πŸ‘½πŸ‘Ύ

so, happy early birthday to me…πŸŽ‚



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