miss, missing…

it seems like just yesterday, i met the woman. she always left me feeling happy, special, and cared for. when we started getting to know each other, through texts, emails, and phone calls…it was like two kindergarten girls, hauling out all of their treasures, for show and tell.

she sent me photos of her barefoot sandals, jewelry, and pottery. i sent her photos of my fused glass, artwork, and photography. she sent me a link to her recorded music. i sent her a link to my blog. it was fun, and enjoyable. it was intriguing, inviting, intimate.

we had a very sweet and kind way of exchanging ideas, and really i guess just “playing” with one another…and, “playing off,” of one another. looking back, it was something that i had never experienced before, and, it’s something that i will not ever share, with another.

she was someone, who just got me on that level of innocence, wonder, and magic. she understood how important the littlest things were…like puffy unicorn stickers, on valentines day…who does that, in this day and age?

she connected me to the good pieces of my past, wove them into the present, and strung them along into the future, and a brand new life. she helped me to see things in a new light.

i miss her. she opened up, and touched a part of me, that i didn’t even know was there. she saw sparks inside of me, that she carefully tended into a steady, crackling flame. she provided me with warmth, care, and honesty.

when she was done, she made sure that i had what i needed to be a, “health warrior.” she gave me a dietary code to live by…foods to heal, foods to fuel, foods to nourish my body. she introduced me to ddp yoga, and got me started walking.

i wish that she could see me now, sixty pounds lighter, coming out of my shell, walking, biking, hiking. i am more and more confident, with each passing day…and yeah, i know that i’m looking good, and feeling good too. i’m stronger and healthier…able to give piggy back rides, and wrestle, all the same.

someday, someway…i hope that she will see the me, that she had envisioned…


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