not much…

we’ve been so busy enjoying, spending time with karen, and being exhausted by the heat…that we really haven’t wanted, to leave the cool-cool house.

today, we ventured out for a couple of hours. we each got our hairs cut, and then ran some errands, but quickly came back to the house.

i’m excited about the book!! (i can’t, and never will call it mine. it was your idea. i was just flattered, that you asked me to make up a bedtime story, and tell it to you. the book, no matter how much you don’t like it, belongs to you, and me…it is, and always will be ours…our book of bedtime stories.)

what happens in vegas, stays in vegas – henderson, nv – june 6, 2016

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look who's down sixty pounds – henderson, nv – june 8, 2016

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2 thoughts on “not much…

  1. Love this =) I tried to “like” it (the button) but when I tried to start up an acct, something went wacky. You’re looking good!!!!!!!!!!

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