the adventures of molly the octopus: fun stories, to octopi your weary mind, before bed 2:3…

when we left molly, last…

molly was entirely present. she made note of  things like: the smell of juniper’s kismet fragrance, the feeling of force against her face, that dried out her eyes, the weird shaking that came from beneath her, the noise of the scooter, the feeling of freedom on land (opposed to that under water), the taste of salt in the air, the vision of rows, and rows of palm trees, dancing in the breeze…it was another first for molly…and, to her it was magical.

molly was so excited, that when the scooter had finally stopped, she bounced off…once removing her arms, and suckers, from juniper…she was instantaneously met with, the most delightful, delicious food smell…it made her salivate. she was famished.

molly said,”oh my gosh, juniper!! what is that smell? it makes my mouth water…” juniper replied,”this is my very favorite spot to come for breakfast, when in, my old hometown, of san diego.”

juniper held the door open, while molly entered, and became even more entranced by the sights, and the smells…a woman standing behind a counter, full of different sized, flavored, and colored…pretty, round, doughy things…looked up, and greeted them with a smile. she said,”welcome, to the baltimore bagel company…may i take your order?”

molly followed juniper’s lead…juniper ordered her longtime favorites…one blueberry bagel, with cream cheese…and, one very seedy stick, with jalapeno-cheddar, dipping sauce. molly chimed in,”i’ll have what she’s having, please.”

the couple sat at a bistro table outside, enjoying the sunshine, the company, and the people watching. they didn’t need words…just doughy, bready goodness, and black-black coffee.

juniper sneaked a peek at molly. she was licking the last bits of cream cheese, off of the corners, of her mouth…but, she was struggling to find it all. “here, let me get that, for you,” juniper said. with that, she reached across the table, holding a napkin, and, successfully…removed the morsels.

juniper asked molly,”so, what did you think?” molly could only reply non-verbally. she plopped the last bite of the very, seedy stick…combined with the last drop of the jalapeno-cheddar, dipping sauce, into her mouth. the perfect bite!! molly sat back in her chair, and satisfactorally patted her full tummy, yawned, and allowed her eyes to squeeze shut.

molly felt satisfied, happy, warm…she wondered about what was next, on the agenda for the day…after filling up with carbs, she mentioned to, juniper…that she could use a little nap. juniper’s eyes lit up, and a smile appeared, on her face. she knew of just the right place…

so, until tomorrow, then…



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