the adventures of molly the octopus: fun stories, to octopi your weary mind, before bed 2:2…

when we left molly, last…

molly helped juniper, to secure the sea hag, take a visual inspection, and gather their belongings, for the duos’ last day together, for a while. molly and juniper, deboarded, “the hag,”the same way, that they had boarded her…with molly riding on junipers’ back. juniper asked,”so molly, are you ready for another adventure?” molly replied excitedly, “i can’t wait!! i’m all yours!!”

juniper carried, molly, on her back…through a maze of weathered, floating dock boards, up a metal ramp, up a concrete ramp, and up some stairs…before reaching her final destination…a nondescript, brown, concrete building, with an orange, roll-up door. 

molly asked, “why did we stop? what are we doing? where are we?” juniper jokingly replied,”good lord, woman…settle down!!” she looked at, molly, smiled, winked…and gave molly, one of her famously-ridiculous, pirate sneers. molly laughed hysterically, and got down.

as juniper grabbed the chain, and rolled the door up…molly nearly knocked her off, of her feet. molly saw something that excited, and intrigued her. molly was bouncing up and down…pointing wildly…and, very enthusiastically asked, “what is that? what is it? what is it?”

 juniper was laughing…hard, but managed to compose herself quickly. she had not yet answered, molly’s question…she wasn’t ignoring molly, just preoccupied…looking for something. juniper addressed molly,”okay lady, are you ready, to ride? here, you’ve got to wear this, if you want to ride with me!!” molly caught the black motorcycle helmet, that juniper, had just tossed to her. molly put her helmet on, by watching juniper, don hers.

juniper wheeled the beautifully, majestic machine, from her storage unit. it was shiny, it was reflective, it was pristine…a “jewel,” in any collectors crown. it was an aqua and silver chrome…nineteen-sixty-seven…vespa scooter. juniper rolled the door back down, and secured the lock.

molly was so excited, that she was running in circles, around the small parking lot. juniper straddled the scooter, and sat down. molly didn’t notice…until juniper started honking the scooters horn. molly ran over to juniper, and asked,”what am i supposed to do?” juniper replied,”get on behind me…and hold on tight!!”

the duo sped off, on the classic scooter. molly was holding on tightly, to juniper…she had  all six arms engaged…and, was loving gliding across the land, as she used to glide along the sea floor, on her two legs. the ride gave her new feelings, thoughts, ideas, and questions, to process.

molly was entirely present. she made note of  things like: the smell of juniper’s kismet fragrance, the feeling of force against her face, that dried out her eyes, the weird shaking that came from beneath her, the noise of the scooter, the feeling of freedom on land (opposed to that under water), the taste of salt in the air, the vision of rows, and rows of palm trees, dancing in the breeze…it was another first for molly…and, to her it was magical.
so, until tomorrow then…


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