my gift to you…

a book of bedtime stories, for children of all ages. my target market is the LGBTQ community, specifically parents and/or their children. my main character is a lesbian, and the two supporting characters are gay men. i began this project, because you, asked me to tell you a story, before bed…essentially, in my mind, i was, “tucking, you in, kissing you on the forehead, looking into your eyes, smiling at you, waiting for you to smile back…telling you that you are a nice girl, and saying, goodnight.” it was something that we both enjoyed…a sweet, intimate, way of connecting…and, sending you off to, “sleepy nighties,” imagining all kinds of adventures, and endless possibilities.

the octopus, that i envisioned, for our original story

the only thing that i could think of at the time, was the octopus, that was painted on the dumpster, at the art center. thank you so much, for giving me the inspiration, to follow this project through, to fruition. i am so grateful, for the time that we have spent together…sharing thoughts, ideas, and dreams…you are the only girl, who ever made my head spin…and, the only person that i would ever allow, to call me, montana…as in, “settle down, montana.”

so dear, the first book, of the series is done…all ten chapters. it just needs to be proofed, and edited…my friend, is going to illustrate it…then, it goes to the publisher.

i am going to continue to write, the adventures, that i saw you, and future kw having…

happy birthday…this has been a 🐂💩 production…


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