open letter…

i just want you to know, that i’m not always going to be a, sickly, stay at home, loser. i am starting with teaching, because that is right here in, park city. but, i have much bigger plans than that. i have been in a slump for the last ten years. i am awake now, happy…i am working on getting out of here, independence, and confidence. i can do more, once i get my heart fixed. besides writing for my blog, i am rewriting my story, for the publisher. i have moved past the outline, notes, and synopsis…of my screenplay, so, i have been doing stuff. i feel really bad that you work so physically hard…that your body hurts, on a daily basis…and, that you have no time for yourself, to rest, relax, or have fun. i feel guilty because my work is mainly done with my brain, my eyes, and my heart…sitting on my ass, driving in the car, at the library. i wish that i could push time back, and work two framing jobs, be known for, and by my work again. know that i am the best at something again…because i was, and i knew that i was, and i was very egotistical about my work…and being a leo…i was the center of my own universe, until ms took that all away from me… humbled me, broke me down, killed that person…now, i am a new person, starting over. writing my own ticket…in a much different world, in a much different way. i am writing my own story, word by word, paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter. you are in it, for at least a chapter, or two, and maybe more. the rest depends on fate, timing, and you.


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